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Making s’mores in the redwoods. #WelcomeHome #awesomesauce #libbyinbrazil (at Mount Hermon’s Redwood Camp)

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To be honest, we have MORE than enough tunes for an album. The issue regarding why we haven't released anything new sooner is solely to do with money. Otherwise, we'd bombard everyone with a heap of really awesome stuff (if i may say so myself!) We can't wait to be able to show you and everyone else our new songs, because we are super proud of them. Until then, keep sharing the link to our EP <3
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Ah! Thank you! I love it. :-)

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The Reader
Luis (the man reading) is blind, but has learned to read in Braille at AJIDEVI, the organization where I’ve even apprenticing for the last six months. He is friendly, funny, and welcoming. I have two weeks left in Brazil, and I am starting to realize how hard it will be to say good bye. #grateful #gcy #people #literacyisgood #libbyinbrazil #portraits (at Ajidevi)

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The woman with the pink umbrella

This is why John Free is always talking about the importance of practice — so we’ll be ready. I was on my way out of the Eisenhower Avenue station. The woman with the pink umbrella was on her way in. In the gloom, with the rain falling in buckets, I thought to myself, “My God, that’s the most beautiful picture I’ve ever seen.”

But I panicked. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t think clearly. I composed this all wrong. She should be exactly between that nearest camera-right tree and that plastic box and the crosswalk sign. But instead her umbrella is already blocking bottom corner of the sign and she is too close to the edge of the frame.

Can’t do it over — this moment will never take place again. I just hope the “lesson” sinks in this time.

I disagree! It’s beautiful! The way the woman walks and where she is in the photo gives a sense of transience, like this IS the perfect moment for the perfect photo and its fleeting. All the most beautiful moments can’t last.

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I have no words. This photo speaks for itself. #sunset #rio #travel #beautiful #amazing #libbyinbrazil #love (at Pão de Açúcar)

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Sunset over Rio de Janeiro. #beautiful #landscape #libbyinbrazil #travel #brazil #igrio (at Pão de Açúcar)

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Sunset over Rio and a thunderstorm over the bay. #brazil #beautiful #magical #travel #libbyinbrazil (at Pão de Açúcar)

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The Selarón Steps! #rio #beautiful #libbyinbrazil #travel #igbrazil (at Escadaria de Selarón)

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Christ the Redeemer in Rio today. #travel #libbyinbrazil #beautiful #igRio #brazil #awesomesauce (at Cristo Redentor)

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Streetscapes and people photos in São Paulo.

Photos I took on the streets in São Paulo. It’s a beautiful city.